Friday, February 1, 2013

Escape To The Caribbean

Things are heating up at True North Scraps! This is the time of year when Wander Lust hits and people tired of the winter yuckies head south for a week or two of relief from the weather. That's what Dawna had in mind when she designed

Escape to the Caribbean

This beautiful tropical kit is the perfect answer to any vacations to warm sunny destinations that you may have visited recently. The bright and cheery Caribbean colours can't help but get you into a good mood when you see them!

There are 60 gorgeous mostly hand-drawn and shaded elements depicting everything from the sea life to party life of the islands and lots of things in between.

The paper making machine wouldn't turn off for Dawna and she ended up with 24 papers that will make perfect backdrops and accents to your photos.

There is also a very pale blue alpha with upper and lower case letters, numbers 0-9, and common punctuation.

She could have stopped there.  But she was really getting into this theme.  If you can't go to the tropics, you bring the tropics to you, right?  So she kept designing and came up with 16 stunning card stocks.

These are available individually or in a very budget-conscious bundle with the Escape to the Caribbean kit.

Also available individually or in the bundle is a pack of 6 journal cards.
These cards were a freebie to the TNS newsletter subscribers last week, so make sure that you don't purchase them again if you downloaded them from my newsletter.

And of course, the bundle:

Escape to the Caribbean and all the extra Escape bits are all 30% off until February 10th.

Whew! You'd think that was enough, but no there's more! The North Stars and I have come up with a few little treats for you:

Click image to download

Now that you have a freebie from me, check out my North Stars' blogs for their treats for you:

Here's one from me:
You can download it HERE

AND if that STILL isn't enough, click on over to Poki and Kandi for more!


Stay warm!

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